Thursday, 25 February 2010

IWAV Events in March

"Melting Snow" by Neneonline at
Hi ladies,
Could a spring thaw be just around the corner? I am hopeful that it is! In any case we'll have a few things going on in March to keep us busy! First though, Thursday night is "Stich and More Stich" at Susan Haftel's house. We meet from 7 to 9 PM. Bring any kind of tidy needlecraft, or just come to chat at the Haftel residence. This is an ongoing activity, every other Thursday night.

March 5, 10 AM, SAS Radisson: Coffee Morning. Join us for tea/coffee/sweets and as always, bring a friend and newcomer!

IWAV member Lis Berthelsen has kindly invited us to her home the evening of March 10. We had so much fun experimenting with the lovely makeup from the Danish stand (and Lis has tons) that we thought it would be fun to do it again and have a "girls night in" at Lis's house. Thanks so much for the offer, Lis! I think that Breda will also be on hand to give us facials as well. So if you can make it Wednesday March 10 at 6:30 PM please RSVP to me by March 9.

I hope you have your calendar marked for March 20, which is our second annual breast cancer fundraiser at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. We have now heard from the hospitals and it looks like biopsy needles are indeed needed again, so proceeds from the event (which will include dinner, drinks, live music through the decades, the debut of Ruta Rimsiliene's newest evening shoe collection, and lots and lots of FUN) will go to purchase biopsy needles for Lithuanian breast cancer patients. We are so very pleased that longtime and very involved IWAV member Siobhan Denham has agreed to be the patron of our event--we are especially glad since the Denhams will be leaving us soon and this is our last big IWAV function to say goodbye to Siobhan. It promises to be a great evening, so don't miss it! I'm attaching the invitation so please, pass it along to your friends and acquaintances!

Then, after the excitement of the fundraiser, come to In Vino (on Ausros Vartu, on your way to Gates of Dawn) March 24 at 7:30 PM. For a good year now, we've heard that you want an evening book club that meets somewhere to have just a glass of wine or a tea and a good chat. This is our chance to start one, so bring ideas and your favorite books (maybe even some you wouldn't mind exchanging with others) and we'll get it started! Email me if you have questions or plan to come.

That's all for now...see you soon,

Monday, 22 February 2010

Stitch and “More Stitch”

Dear Ladies,

Please see below an invitation from Susan to an evening of Stitch and "More Stitch":

You are invited to join us for Stitch and “More stitch” on Thursday evening, February 25, 2010, from 7:00 until 9:00 PM at Dailidziu 22A.

Any tidy, portable handwork is welcome. So far we have had the skills of embroidery, felting, quilting, and knitting represented. If you don’t want to stitch, you can still come to enjoy the group.

Please let me know if you can attend.

Susan Haftel
Susan_haftel (at) hotmail (.) com

Thursday, 18 February 2010

IWAV Playgroups: Fun For Moms and Kids

We have not yet had a post about a big and important part to IWAV activities – playgroups. Today I hosted my first playgroup, so I thought it will be a good opportunity to post a couple photos and say a couple words about this wonderful activity that brings together Moms and kids! Whoever had the idea to set up two meetings a week for Moms to meet up is a genius :-) I personally think it is wonderful! Not only kids get to socialize and play, Moms get to get away from the household routines and stresses, chat and share experience and knowledge. And it’s also a good reason to get off a diet and enjoy some nice cake with a coffee!

It can at times get pretty loud and chaotic when there are lots of little playgroup participants, but I just love watching kids play, seeing how they communicate, how their personalities come out, seeing how they learn new things...

So hey all English speaking Moms out there, IWAV playgroup is a great opportunity for you to meet and mingle with other Moms and find playmates for your kids. If you are not IWAV members yet, contact us now :-)

Monday, 15 February 2010

MMS: Chocolate Indulgence

If the word “chocolate” sounds divine to your ears and you have not attended tonight’s MMS at AJ Šokoladas, you should not look at the photos below – they will make you jealous :-) Six fully grown chocolatoholics and a tiny baby one were getting high on the "feel good" hormone at a recently opened café at Pilies 8! We were served melted dark and milk chocolate alongside various dippables like fresh fruit, cheese cake, marzipan, Florentines etc. It was incredibly delicious and we had a lot of fun indulging and enjoying each other’s company

Unfortunately, I had to go early but could not leave empty handed so I got a selection of yummy AJ chocolates to take home with me. As Erin mentioned announcing the event, New Year resolutions just went out of the window! Oh well… there is always a new-life-starting-Monday option :-)

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Quilting Classes: Shoo-Fly Medallion Quilt

featuring Rotary Cutting and Speed Piecing Basics

Chase away the winter blahs while you make a small (40” square) quilt that can decorate a table top or create a focal point on a wall. This project is sewn entirely by machine and requires access to rotary cutting equipment both in class and at home, as there will be “homeplay.”

The top takes about 3.5 yards of quilting fabric. Students may purchase fabric from the teacher’s collection on a first-come basis, and those who do not have rotary equipment may use the teacher’s in class until they have purchased their own. Batting/wadding and fabric for the back/lining are not included but can be purchased separately.

Classes are meeting four times--January 20, February 3, February 17, and March 3--from 6 pm to 9 pm at the Haftel residence (Dailidziu 22a).
Although the course has begun, you can still join us. I can catch you up during the day on February 10 or add another meeting on March 17. Class size is limited to 6 adult students and there will be a fee (150 Lt if you buy your fabric from me; 125 Lt if you bring your own 100% cotton quilting fabric) for this 12 hour course.

Please email Susan Haftel (susan_haftel (at) hotmail (dot) com) for a more information and for a supply list.