Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Photos: ICCB Press Event at The Embassy of Great Britain

A press event introducing the 10th anniversary ICCB to the media was held at the Embassy of Britain. This is a sneak peek at what is waiting for us at the Christmas Bazaar on 1 December at Ratuse.
Big thanks to Alma Cenkuviene for the photos!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

MMS: Evening with Photographer Marius Jovaiša

At the recent Monthly Member Social IWAV ladies had a unique opportunity to meet a very talented and famous Lithuanian photographer, filmmaker, and a publisher Marius Jovaiša who has published photography albums Unseen Lithuania, Heavenly Belize, Magic Cancun & Riviera Maya, and Heavenly Yucatan. Marius takes pictures flying in the air.

He showed slides and shared his photo taking experience, told interesting stories behind the scene about his numerous travels in Lithuania, Australia, Hawaii, Polynesian Islands, Namibia and New Zealand, Panama, and Mexico.

A truly inspiring evening was finished with a gift exchange. With a gift to Marius on behalf of IWAV members to congratulate him on his newly born baby and a gift from Marius to IWAV member Tal who was celebrating her birthday that day.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Preparations for ICCB 2012: Photos from Workshops

Preparations for the 10th International Christmas Charity Bazaar that will take place on 1st December at Vilnius Town Hall are underway!

Several workshops have been organized to create items for sale at ICCB 2012. IWAV ladies have been creating beautiful jewellery from beads, crystals and stones as well as decorating with wonderful Christmas designs ceramic plates and vases. Check out some photos from the workshops below.

ICCB 2012 is looking for more contributions: used books in good condition, art items, items with Angel image for Angle's Boutique, items for children's corner etc. Please visit, for more details about this year's event go to

Ceramics Workshop

Beading Workshop