Sunday, 30 January 2011

January Member Social: Wine Tasting at Burbulio Vinine

Dear All

I am happy to share these photos below from the Monthly Member Social on 24 January. It was a wine tasting at Burbulio Vinine in Rudninku street. The event was a huge success. Not only was it fun but educational and enlightening as well. The owner of the winery Vaidotas Burbulis made inspiring presentations about the various wines tasted. I personally learnt a lot! Two participants showed special talents in guessing wines and each got a prize - a bottle of wine! Congratulations to Iris and Alboino!

Thanks for organizing this event go to our activities coordinator Grazia!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Photos: Charity New Year Parties!

Dear All!
I am happy to finally share photos from the recent charity parties for kids
I think everybody will join me in thanking Irina Tuminiene for the amazing job she did organizing two Christmas/New Year parties for the kids at the Shelter for Mothers and Kids (Motinos ir vaiko pensionas) and at the Temporary Orphanage (Visu sventuju parapijos vaiku laikinos globos namai). The help, of course, of all our members was absolutely invaluable. Thanks to all IWAV members who contributed to the presents or contributed time to make these two projects possible. I hope you can see from these photos and videos below how much happiness those toys and the events brought to these little kids.
The Christmas Party at Motinos ir vaiko pensionas took place on 7 January. About 50 women and kids (aged 9 months and up) live at this shelter but for certain reasons only about 30 of them were present at the party. After setting up the table with drinks and baked treats from IWAV members, we were welcomed by the pension’s director and watched a little Christmas concert. Many of us could not understand a word the Santa or the little participants said but seeing those shy sweet children reciting poems, singing songs and dancing warmed my heart and filled it with so much positive energy. IWAV provided not only individual presents for all the kids but several bigger presents for a playroom at the shelter which will keep bringing smiles to the faces of future little residents of Motinos ir vaiko pensionas.

The second Christmas party took place next day, on 8 January, and was a big success as well. It was held at the Temporary Orphanage (Visu sventuju parapijos vaiku laikinos globos namai). IWAV member Aushra Vinokur organized a mini rock concert for the 15 kids living at the orphanage. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend but I enjoyed the emotional description of the event and impressions shared by Irina Tuminiene. The performing band called Rubber Bullets included Aushra’s son Tadas, and some other kids aged 15-16 years Darotas i Dailius and Saulius. They sounded so amazing and professional that absolutely blew away the audience! The kids were clapping, singing and as I heard there was even some break dancing! I think this was a party to remember! (Let’s hope this is not the last time Rubber Bullets are performing at an IWAV event and we will have a chance to see them perform in the future.)