Thursday, 14 July 2011

Blossom of Hope: Handover of Biopsy Needles

On 20th June Mike and I visited Kaunas hospital and met up with Ruta from Roche to deliver a plaque and the biopsy needles. Kaunas University hospital has now merged with the Veterinarian hospital and they seem very happy about it. It was great to see all the Doctors again and to hear that they are so much more positive about the future.

Delivering Biopsy Needles to Kaunas Hospital

On the 1st July we visited Klaipeda hospital and took our friends with us. There we met up with Odeta from Roche and again met our friends the doctors. The news was again more positive but Klaipeda does not seem to get as much assistance from the government as Kaunas or Vilnius. What we did learn from all the hospitals was that the government will only pay for a consultation not the biopsy needles. The patient either has to pay herself or, in some cases, the hospital will make the purchase. Needless to say, this means that the biopsy needles and machines that we provide are extremely important.

Handover of Certificate and Needles to Klaipeda hospital

We then spent the next few days visiting Palanga and Nida and Juodkranta.

On the 8th July we visited Siauliai hospital and met up with Rima from Roche. Irina our charity co-ordinator, who was the driving force behind our Blossom of Hope event, also came with us. This was a first time visit to this hospital and it was great. They knew nothing about us or our organisation and wanted to know everything so it turned into a long visit.

Visiting Siauliai Hospital

Biopsy Needle Machine

Barbara Little,
IWAV Chair