Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Santa Suit Needed!!!

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Dear Ladies,

Nice to see we have gone back to the miserable weather!!!

This is a request for a Santa suit. This year we will have a morning Santa and an afternoon Santa at the bazaar so more children will be able to benefit.

We need a suit for the afternoon Santa. It will need to be on the large side ( even though he has lost a lot of weight - not enough mince pies obviously)

PLEASE if anyone has one that we can borrow for the day can you please contact me on barbara (at) mikelittle (dot) lt.

Thank you Ladies,

Barbara - Chair

Friday, 16 October 2009

Charity Update


Yesterday was, indeed, an emotional visit. Last night in bed, my elder daughter, who came along with me, told the story to her little sister: "...and we bought them an elevator! And now the teachers don't have to carry the kids up the stairs anymore!" Don't you love that "we?" Seeing me do this work, day in day out, she feels part of the whole process.

Each of the visits Regina and I have been on has been a very special event.

Today I had two women here from the home for disabled adults in Ukmerge to collect donated clothing. When we visited them, before summer, they welcomed us with a humongous and delicious homemade cake (which they promised to teach us to make on our next visit). They also had a banquet waiting for us for our lunch. These are the simplest of women -- and yet not only are they doing the hard work of this world, they are an example of true kindness and hospitality. Today they showed up with a bottle of sparkling wine and a package of coffee.

I spent the morning sorting through clothing. I have quite a bit left that will be suitable for the young teachers at the Aidas school. The women from Ukmerge took the rest -- as well as all the children's and babies' stuff that had been hanging around in my garage for months.

I can always use more clothing, especially winter coats and boots.

Please remember to bring along a tea mug if you are attending the Monthly Social on Monday evening. If not, you can always find a way to give one to me. I thought about using a scrapbooking or permanent pen to write on them the words "We care about you" in Lithuanian. I'm sure plenty of women need to hear that from someone. If someone would kindly translate that for me, I'd be obliged.

In other news, I am forming a committee to help out with the IWAV/Prisma Food Drive, which will take place at the new Prisma supermarket on January 17-18 2010, tentatively. I have two volunteers so far. We will have our first meeting soon after the Christmas Bazaar. We'll need to discuss transportation, publicity, recipients, possible sponsors besides Prisma, and whether or not we want to work with a larger Food Bank who can better coordinate transportation and distribution.

I believe that's all from your friendly, neighborhood IWAV Charity Coordinator.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Upcoming Monday Member Social

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Hi ladies!

At long last I have found a venue and an activity for this month's MMS (after scrapping initial plans for an Oktoberfest and a costume party--maybe next year!) thanks to Ruta Montvilene. Several of you have mentioned that painting on silk would be something interesting to learn, so now is your chance! In addition to the usual wine and snacks we will have the opportunity to create a piece of silk artwork together. We will brainstorm what we'd like to paint and with the help of Dovile (a very talented and kind artist) we can all try our hand at painting on silk. At first I was skeptical--what kind of silk scarf can we create with a dozen or more different women wielding brushes? However I saw examples of such collaborative works and apparently it is quite popular to do a group piece for a birthday party or some special celebration. So let's give it a shot together! Who knows, if it comes out really well we can include it as a lottery prize for the bazaar. If not, well...... But I am convinced with the talented ladies in IWAV, we can create something special and have a fun evening to boot. Please let me know if you think you can make it so I can plan the refreshments accordingly! We will meet at 6:30 PM at the workshop, located at Olimpieciu 4-1. There is parking on site. Directions from the Cathedral (via google):

Cathedral (Arkikatedra Bazilika)
Katedros aikšte
Senamiestis, Vilnius, 01013, Lithuania

1. Head north on Šventaragio gatvė towardGedimino prospektas 69 m
2. Continue on T. Vrublevskio gatvė 0.4 km
3. Turn right at Olimpiečių gatvė
Destination will be on the right 50 m

I also want to invite you and your family to a Fall Festival for children the International Church of Vilnius is having next Sunday, October 18th at 9:45 AM (during regular service time/coffee hour). Some of you may not know that in addition to IWAV I am also a Sunday School teacher (Lord help these children...) at the International Church, which just celebrated its 10th year this past summer. There are many nationalities and denominations represented in our congregation and everyone is always welcome. The flyer is attached if you or someone you know might be interested.

Thanks, and I hope to see you soon!

Erin Olson

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Lunch Bunch: Universiteto Wine Bar

Dear Ladies,

We had lunch yesterday at the Universiteto wine bar. The restaurant has been closed for quite a long time but has now re-opened. It is brighter inside than it used to be and I should imagine that at a weekend it is quite lively with students.

The food was OK but salads came with lots of ---- Iceberg LETTUCE.

The soups were very tasty but unfortunately they were just tepid. A pity!!

The waitress was very good and gave us lots of advice as to what she thought was good that day and what was not. She advised us against the business lunch. ( I hope her bosses do not find out ).

Next Tuesday, 13th September 13.00 we will be going to Restoranus Balzac on Saviciaus just off Didzioji. I am hearing good things about this restaurant so let's hope it lives up to expectations.

On a more serious note, Mike has told me that the Lithuanian police are recommending that everyone buys a GUN to protect themselves as the police feel that, because of economic cuts, they are not able to protect us from personal attacks. They say that with the economic crisis and people having no jobs and so no money, then attacks are on the increase. Whether this is a way of putting pressure on the government to increase police wages I do not know - but what I do suspect is that there would be an almighty out cry if an ex-pat injured or killed a Lithuanian with a gun. So - let's not go that far - but do be extra vigilant ladies.

Have a great weekend,