Friday, 21 May 2010

Who Knew Office Supply Could Be So Much Fun!

Yesterday together with several IWAV women I attended a presentation at Biuro Pasaulis (Vilkpedes 20) – a Vilnius office supply store . Thanks to Irina Tuminiene and her husband Arturas: they organized an excellent event. Can you imagine that a presentation about “post-it” products could be so interesting and entertaining!! Hard to believe but true! Nowadays, post-its come in boxes that attach like magnets to wooden surfaces (I’m still wondering, how do they do it?), they come in a thin marker for a quick mark-it-post-it combo, they stick to wood, plastic and metal etc etc. Wow, that’s speaking of post-it technology progress :-)

Cookies, tea and coffee added a nice and warm touch to the presentation as well. As if this was not great enough each of us received a bagful of presents, plus moms and moms-to-be received presents for kids!

The best part was shopping. It’s always fun, right?! I got a lot of stuff I needed for the office, plus some things I just cannot do without anymore…like post-its in a marker pen :-)

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

May MMS: Wine, Cheese and Fun at Uzupis Kratuve

Here are photos from a wonderful MMS at a gourmet store Uzupis Krautuve (Uzupis Gatve 23) that took place last night. This spacious gourmet store has a big selection of antipasti, wines, sauces, cheeses, meats etc. The staff are very helpful, friendly and warm. Plus prices are quite acceptable!

Many thanks to Ieva for organizing this event! Nice company, wine and cheese tasting, available for sale antique and hand-made jewellery from the store owner's private collection, shopping for delicious treats made it an evening to remember!