Friday, 18 March 2011

Nice Time and Best Burgers in Vilnius at Boksto Varta!

Last Sunday several IWAV ladies and Vilnius hashers met at a new restaurant in the Old Town called Boksto Varta for a breakfast/brunch and to socialise. Gary and Svetlana Mackay, owners of the restaurant make sure their dishes are made from mostly organic produce! Their chef is Georgian and the food is great according to those who tried it out. If you have not had a chance to join last Sunday, you can come to our monthly social and try out this new restaurant this upcoming Monday 21 March!

As Barbara says: "I have been reliably informed by one of our American members that they serve the 'best burger in Vilnius.'"

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Chain of Kindness

It all started with a 15 year old boy named Marius...

He lives with his Grandmother, brothers and sisters in a small Lithuanian village about 40 kilometers from Vilnius. His family does not have many things… the things we all need for comfortable healthy life. For years Marius has been suffering from tooth decay and painful teeth. He had never seen a dentist in his life. Who knows how Marius’ story would go if one day it did not come into attention of some kind people who cared to help.

It was brought to the attention of Barbara, IWAV chair, that a neighbor’s boy was having serious health issues. Barbara asked her dentist Ieva Day-Stirrat who is also an IWAV member to take a look at the boy. Needless to say Marius’ family cannot cover any dentist expenses. Ieva treated Marius’ front teeth for free. The photos below are shocking but in a good way, because they show the amazing job that Ieva did on Marius’ teeth.

The rest of treatment at the lowest cost possible will cost Marius 1000 LTL. One kind IWAV member has already donated 400 ltl, 600 more litas need to be raised.

Having learnt about Marius’ family through Barbara’s emails several IWAV members volunteered to help his family with clothes, food and toys. But the kindness didn't stop there. Last weekend Barbara’s van full of donated items went from one house to another surprising kids and families with unexpected presents.

Thanks to everyone for your kind contribution!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Ladies' Night at California Tapas and Wine

Dear All,

Saturday night social Ladies’ Night Out was so much fun! It took place at California Tapas and Wine restaurant in Didzioji str. We were a gorgeous group of nine ladies clinking glasses of Californian and Spanish wines and having some very delicious tapas. Conversation ran around IWAV socials, wine and whiskey tasting, food in Vilnius restaurants and organizing the upcoming fundraiser.

One of the memorable moments of the evening was learning how to “eat” king prawns’ heads. Thank you, our teachers Caroline and Alice! This was a very unusual and a new experience for me and, I assume, for our chair Barbara as well. I think it took me more courage though than her. However, the head I got was absolutely empty… either I (and everyone else) got lucky, or it’s the way prawns’ heads are… I have to say, I was kind of disappointed and relieved at the same time. But, really, it’s just a small prawn… why, on earth, did I expect there would be much brain?

At some point a charming gentleman joined our ladies' party. I have to say he was so cute! Unfortunately his stay was very brief and he left quite soon with one of the ladies. I think he stole her heart! :-) Are you wondering? See the photos below!

The Master! That's how you look when you enjoy it!

That's how you look when you think that prawns have much brain!